Tuesday Tip: Take time to smell the roses

March 13th, 2012 | Posted by Kerry Lyons in MaMa Moments | parenting | playgrounds | smell the roses | spring | Tuesday Tips
One of my little fellas who always pauses to smell the flowers
If you live in the Northeast, you know that our “un-winter” is just about over; with the unusual warmth this week combined with the extended daylight hours, it’s really beginning to look — and feel — a lot like spring.

Spring is typically a time of year when our already over-filled lives grow even fuller.  As we say so-long to basketball, we find ourselves in the midst of soccer, baseball, t-ball, lacrosse clinics and, in just one civilized respite, a ballet recital.  Suddenly the winter hours we spent in a chilly gym seem minimal in contrast to the hours we’ll spend on the grassy sidelines this spring.  The good news is that the dawn of spring and advent of summer allow us longer days and the occasional permission to linger… the time to stop and smell the roses, as they say.

Today I did just that.  Not in the literal sense; despite the warm winter and early spring, the roses have yet to bloom… although, many crocuses have come up to meet the sun and a few daffodils are in full bloom.  I witnessed them firsthand as I left my desk behind and took my lunch to a local park.  A local park where I knew the triplets would be playing and that just a few moments with them would brighten my busy day even more than the sunny skies.  It helps that they were thrilled to see me; at three years old, they are almost always thrilled to see me — and with a five and seven year old who are at times now slightly less enamoured, I want to treasure every moment that they treasure me.  And today I did.

I took off my shoes and played in the sandbox. I yelled “Ready, Set, GO!” as I raced them down the slide.  I walked them home and timed it just perfectly as the school bus pulled up and my two “big kids” hopped off the bus and into my arms.  It turns out they are happy to see me after all.  We bought lollipops at the corner store to make the stroll home a bit sweeter. Then I left them with our sitter and returned to the office less than an hour after I left; an hour that I will forever cherish and is a great reminder that spring is the perfect time to take at time-out and enjoy the beauty around you, wherever you find it.  For me, today’s beauty was captured in blue skies, purple and yellow flowers and five smiling faces sticky with lollipops.

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