Tuesday Tip: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Savor it!

May 22nd, 2012 | Posted by lvollmer in Uncategorized

I tend to find myself feeling a bit, well, schmoopy, this time of year.   As the seasons change and class picnics and school concerts fill the calendar, I am reminded daily of how fleeting this time with our children is; of how today’s hardships provide tomorrow’s humor and how, in the blink of an eye, these little ones who needed us move on, move up and move out.

One of life's simple pleasures: Puddle Jumping!

One of life's simple pleasures: Puddle Jumping!

Ok, technically, with our oldest only seven, I know that no one is moving out any time soon but, I can’t help but be struck by the fact that our seven and five year old are pretty much over me.  Sure, they still need me in some ways but, I’m no longer the center of their world.  Whereas they once thought I could do no wrong, they now know that I can and do.  They are smart, independent and savvy.  And that’s the way it should be.

On the other hand, our trio of identical three-year olds still worship the ground I walk on.  They still occasionally cry when I go to work and routinely run to the door and jump into my arms when I come home.  They greet me each morning with a smile, filled with anticipation for the day ahead and asking as they rub the sleep from their eyes “Is today a Mommy day?”  Of course, every day is a Mommy day but in their world, a “Mommy Day” is a day I don’t work.  Today, we had a “Mommy morning” and it made me realize how important it is not sweat the small stuff, but to embrace it.  Today, instead of yelling at them for jumping in puddles, I joined them.  Instead of stopping them from splashing in the tub, I simply shut the shower curtain and let them have at it.  And you know what?  It was awesome.  Small stuff; little moments; daily routines; shared secrets — these are the wonders of parenthood.  And, as far as I’m concerned, they are passing by far too quickly. That’s why I plan to seize every chance I get to…

  • Hold hands
  • Jump in puddles
  • Look at bugs
  • Snuggle and cuddle
  • Sing silly songs
  • Eat ice cream
  • Yell less and smile more

These are the things that make Mommy Days memorable — and the reasons why it’s just not worth it to sweat the small stuff.  In the end, the small stuff will be forgotten, your small ones will be big and we’ll realize that little did we know, it was some of these small things that mean the most.  Hopefully, like the day that I took the morning off to splash in puddles!

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