Second Grade Field Trip to the Bronx Zoo

May 30th, 2012 | Posted by lvollmer in Uncategorized

I am an animal lover.  I adore animals and have since I was a child.  Which is why last week was a truly superb week here in the Lyons Den.  For starters, we had three small chicks sleep over as part of a second grade science project — little balls of fluffy cuteness that elicited smiles and squeals of delight.  And I’m not just talking about the kids!


Does it get cuter than this? FYI, chick three was camera-shy.

Does it get cuter than this? FYI, chick three was camera-shy.

As if the chick visitation wasn’t enough, we also had Liam’s class trip to the Bronx Zoo — one of my favorite places and, always a joy to see through the eyes of a child… even in the pouring rain.  Here’s a brief recap…

I left the house at ten past nine,
With another mom, we were the first in line.
We hoped and hoped it wouldn’t rain,
Or be too crowded and totally insane.

We arrived before the zoo opened at 10,
No kids in sight, it was truly zen.
Then the phone rang, the bus never came,
Our kids were back at their school, stuck at Dows Lane!

No bus, no kids, what are moms to do?
Well, we walked right in and toured the zoo!
Sea lions and polar bears topped our list,
When the second graders arrived,they were kinda pissed.

“No bus! Dirty bus! We’re so late!” they exclaimed,
As the skies opened up and it started to rain.
Poor kids, poor teachers, poor parents soaking wet,
But not to be deterred, we went to see birds and didn’t fret.

Birds of prey seemed really cool
The kids had learned a lot about them at school.
A snowy owl I learned is a bird of prey,
I really learned a lot that rainy day.

Puffins are cute, the Scarlet Ibis is pretty,
Fifty wet second graders can be fun and witty.
Environmental messages were strong and clear –
If you cut down the trees, the birds will disappear.

As the thunder boomed and the rain came pouring down,
The teachers decided we had to get out of town,
Bye bye Bronx, bye bye zoo.
So long Aquatic Birds and Birds of Prey too.

Good bye to a day that was almost a disaster,
With a missing school bus and rain falling fast and faster,
But a disaster it was not as the memories will surely tell,
Second graders reflect fondly on a zoo day from hell!

And, for the record, I do too.
I really was lucky to go to the zoo.
Sure I was hungry and tired and wet,
But a day at the zoo is as good as it gets.

A day with my fella who I can’t believe is seven,
Is a great day for me, a little slice of heaven.

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