Tuesday Tip: What to drive as a mom of five (and kid-carrying tips too!)

January 29th, 2013 | Posted by Kerry Lyons in Laughter and Disaster | motherhood | Out and About | parenthood | Tips and Quips | triplets

One of the first things I thought upon discovering I was pregnant with triplets was, “OMG! What will we drive?!”  At the time, we had a one and three year old and I just couldn’t envision a vehicle that would accomodate their two car seats plus three more unless it looked like this:

When the triplets were born, we had an Acura MDX — the nicest car I will ever own.  That car was a decision we toiled over for months before we bid adieu to our beloved Jetta and bonjour to Bebe #2 so, saying good-bye was a bit traumatic.  But, six brutal weeks of putting our toddlers in through the trunk while our triplets were jammed into a too-tight second row and our strollers were left on the curb forced our hand.  Bon voyage lovely Acura and bonjour… what? What would we drive?  How would we transport our brood from Point A to Point B with five car seats safely anchored and enough room in the trunk for a double and triple stroller… not to mention the other stuff that often filled our trunk — the pack and plays, portable high chairs, diaper bags, blankies and other assorted necessities of those first few years?

We thought about this:

But then realized that A. I could never park it and B. even if we could afford the stylish Stryker, we could never afford the gas.  That same logic applied to the Suburban and other oversized SUVS — pricey gas guzzlers that were bound to lead to some in-transit mishaps.  Standard wagons — the Suburu Outback or Ford Flex — were just too small.  Much to our own admitted dismay, it turned out that the minivan, or as we prefer to think of it, the Swagger Wagon was just right:

If you don’t recall the Swagger Wagon commercials from a few years ago, you should really click that link, check it out, and prepare to laugh.  It’s awesome.  And, as it turns out, so is our minivan.  While the famed (or infamous?) Swagger Wagon was a Toyota, ours is a Honda.  Do I LOVE to drive it? Well, no.  But really, is there anything anyone would LOVE to drive while five tots bicker and battle in the backseat?  I don’t think so.

The minivan gets us from Point A from Point B with all our kids — and crap — in tow. And, for those of you who may be wondering, how did we “tow” our five tiny tots when we finally reached our destination?  We had a few options:

  • The double and triple stroller OR…
  • For shorter outings, two double strollers and our “big boy” would walk OR …
  • Two double strollers, one with our two toddlers, one with two triplets and then the third triplet strapped to us in a Baby Bjorn

Did swaggering and strolling around town with five kids under five draw a few glances? Raise a few eyebrows?  Cause suspicion that we’d raided a daycare center?  Sure it did!  But, from the moment I first peed on a stick that turned blue (or pink? whatever it turned to indicate “your preggers!”), my husband and I were committed to “have baby, will travel.” And, having three babies didn’t change a thing.  Except, of course, the car we traveled in and the apparatus we had to drag along with us!

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