Tuesday Tip: Family fun for President’s Day Weekend

February 13th, 2013 | Posted by Kerry Lyons in Tips and Quips

I don’t know about you, but I live my life looking forward to the next long weekend… the next respite from the to and fro and back and forth of our hectic lives with five kids, two jobs and one large dog.  President’s Day represents the last long weekend before a bit of a dry spell so, why not plan to make the most of it?  Here are a few family friendly activities to get you started… and, if you can’t squeeze them all in this weekend, well, hopefully there is a Spring Break right around the corner!

  • If the weather outside is frightful, take in a museum.  Check their schedules first to confirm their hours and policies regarding kid necessities like strollers, diaper bags and snacks.  We were recently caught off-guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when I was told I had to check my backpack — aka “snack pack.”  If you’re in the NY metro area, a better choice for kids is the Museum of National History or, if you have truly tiny tots, try The Children’s Museum of Manhattan, which has hands-on activities and can be tackled in a few hours before the next nap — the kids or yours!
  • If the weather outside is delightful, take in the great outdoors.  Go for a hike. Or sledding.  If your kids are old enough, check out a local ski mountain.  We’ve found that smaller spots off the beaten path often offer great value and friendly service.  A few of our local favorites include Thunder Ridge and Tuxedo Ridge.   If you’re willing to hop in the car for a few hours, do NOT go to Hunter or Windham (too crowded!); instead, point your car toward the Berkshires and head to Butternut or Catamount.Other ways to enjoy the crisp, cool winter air include visiting local farms or even exploring the zoo in the off season.  We did both over the long MLK weekend and would highly recommend Stone Barns, where we collected freshly laid eggs or the Bronx Zoo, which is a delight in the off season, offering a front row seat to seal feedings and polar bear sightings.
  • Take a nap.  Really.  Why not?  If you’re kids are small, do your best to follow that old adage to sleep when they sleep.  If the kids are bigger, you can sneak in a snooze while pretending to catch up on the latest Phineas & Ferb with them. If you ask me, part of the joy of a long weekend is togetherness.  And, one of the best ways to be together is to snuggle in, cozy up and nod off.  No rushing. No schedules.  Just an extra day to luxuriate in each other.  Inside, outside or on the couch!

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