Recipe for a snow day

January 27th, 2011 | Posted by Kerry Lyons in snow day | Tips and Quips - (0 Comments)

Is it just me or has this January had more snow days than school days?!  I know that there are some solid meterological explanations for the record-setting snowfalls but, after eavesdropping on some kids at the bus stop yesterday, I think there may be more to it.  Namely, I think our local grammar schoolers have come up with a fool-proof recipe for a snow day.  There are four simple steps:

  1. Flush an ice cube down the toilet
  2. Put a spoon under your pillow
  3. Wear your pajamas inside out
  4. Do a snow dance (Note:  this is a free form dance event; no scripted steps.  I know because I asked the six year old in charge for specifics!)

Based on last night’s snow dance performance and dutiful following of the recipe above, I can attest that it seems to work!  We got the call today at 5:30AM:  School is cancelled!  SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!  Hurray!

Many of you are probably familiar with the story of the “5 Little Ducks”… if so, you may know that the story has an accompanying song. It’s kind of a catchy tune (I’m ashamed to admit!) and if you know it, you should feel free to hum along as you read the following.

As we bundled up for snowbound adventures this past weekend, I couldn’t help but hum to myself…

Five little cubs went out one day
Out in the snow and into their sleigh,
The biggest one said “I want to pull”
And four little cubs were left there still.

Four little cubs went out one day
Into the sled and far away
The little girl cub said “GET OFF ME”
She hopped out and then there were three.

Three little cubs went out one day
Bouncing along in their blue sleigh
The one in back cried boo hoo hoo,
We took him out and then there were two.

Two little cubs went out one day
Slipping and sliding in their sleigh,
They were having so much fun,
‘Til we hit a big bump and then there was one!

One little cub went out one day,
Feeling all alone in his big sleigh,
He waved his arms and he smiled a big grin,
And the four other cubs went running back to him.